The Northeastern Badlands

Much of the northeastern Halintar, running from the northern coasts to the southern sea, is coated by a shifting desert- this lead it to adopt the name of the Northeastern Badlands. It’s guarded by the sporadic Dragon-God known as Dinante, the brass scaled deity, and his rowdy brood. He leaves the settlers of the desert landscape to govern themselves, as he believes that their freedom to exist shouldn’t be governed by some “greater good”- no, he was brought here to protect his people from the dangers of the rest of Halintar, not from themselves. When not directly engaging in conversations at various locations in the desert, and saving people from starvation or dehydration, he directs his guild known as the Cabal of the Brass Arrow- a faction of vigilantes and misfits with similar ideals to his own.

Given the many risks of living in the desert, the members of the communities have to remain tight-knit or risk falling apart. Any criminal or even just rude acts are frowned upon, and the sand elves that rule the scattered cities are quick to exile misbehaving citizens. The creation of laws is made by a simple backbone of politicians- but they have little say as they sit in the shadow of the League of Heroes, a group of cheerful and charismatic masked do-gooders that spend their days and nights protecting the people against great evils. The south, consisting mostly of outsiders and exiled sand elves, is less structured in their ways, relying on real acts of vigilantism and dog-eat-dog behavior to remain in one peace. The further south you go, the more often towns are quick to rise and fall.

The brass-scaled brood of dragons that haunt the desert skyline are a chaotic bunch, reveling in the wide open desert scene that they can frolic and play-fight in as much as they please. While they aren’t rampaging far off from the mortal’s nests, they learn about art and sand magic from the wiser sand elves, creating gorgeous glass landmarks by molding the sand and superheating it with their fiery breath.

The Badlands are incredibly diverse in the cultures that reside their, that it often feels like two different countries when comparing the north and the south.

Weapons preferred here are Shotels and shields, although even more bizarre weaponry traditional badland society makes sure that their citizens are well versed in at least one weapon before reach adulthood.

The Northeastern Badlands

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